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Know Your Rights



Bill of Rights

We are the people  who work in
neighborhood grocery stores across Eastern Washington.

Our work is part of the system that feeds and nourishes our communities, and we help ensure that our food supply is safe, healthy and sustainable. We stock shelves; trim and sort produce; cut and wrap meat and seafood; work in the deli and bakery; check out and bag groceries. 
It is becoming tougher to make ends meet, because our jobs are becoming more and more part-time — with unpredictable schedules, reduced hours, and low wages. Meanwhile, the big corporate grocery chains are increasingly successful and their CEOs take home salaries in the millions.
By acting and speaking together, we are powerful enough to reclaim the promise of America: if you work hard and play by the rules, you should have a chance to get ahead.

We believe  that supporting grocery store workers means standing up for fairness and demanding a simple Bill of Rights: 

Article 1:
We have a right to fair pay so we can afford food, clothing, a place to live, and the other necessities we need to live our lives and support our families.

Article 2:
We have a right to a life outside of work including two dependable days a week for ourselves, our families, our places of worship, and our communities.

Article 3:
We have a right to an affordable health plan that helps us stay well and takes care of us when we are ill.
Article 4:
We have a right to a dependable pension so we can retire with dignity.
Article 5:
We have a right to paid sick days when we are sick so we can stay at home, get well and contribute to a healthy food supply.
Article 6:
We have a right to protection against unjust firing or demotion, and unfair discipline.
Article 7:
We have a right to decent and safe working conditions. This includes basic humane treatment including rest breaks and worker safety protections.
Article 8:
We have a right to a voice in the workplace when we choose to have a union, without any interference by our employers.
Article 9:
Grocery workers and our customers have a right to safe and healthy food in the stores where we work and shop.

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